We are appealing for more trustees to help in the management of the Fibroduck Foundation.

We particularly need trustees with experience in grant applications, fundraising and publicity.




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Email: fibroduckfoundation@gmail.com

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There are numerous ways you can get involved and help Fibroduck. Please visit this page to read all about the help we need here.

Page: Get Involved With Fibroduck

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Fundraising to pay for biomedical research towards test, cause and cure for fibromyalgia

DUCK30 £3 to 70070 OR DUCK05 £5 to 70070 OR DUCK10 £10 to 70070 OR DUCK20 to 70070

Can you help a duck?

Fibroduck Foundation wants to do a lot more to raise money for Fibromyalgia research. But, it’ll take many more duckie participants than the few of us who work here now. If you have a few hours a week, and would like to join in and be part of the duck’s fundraising circle, this is how you can help!

Become a trustee

We could really use more trustees as our charity continues to grow. We currently seek trustees with experience of grant applications, fundraising or publicity. Please contact us to find out more.

Writer duckies

We need people who can write really well and imaginatively to create or edit copy for individual website pages and occasional leaflets.

Corporate fundraiser duckies

We would like to approach companies big and small (in writing or in person or by phone) to see if they will donate prizes and raffle gifts for awareness and fund raising. The more donations of goods/prizes we can get in, the more fun days we can run. You don’t have to know any businesses who might be able to help, but if you do, it would be a great advantage.

Twitter duckies

Tweeting about what we do and why we do it led to most of our individual donations in 2011. We've got chatting to some utterly lovely people through twitter. If you are the kind of person who loves to chat, please consider spending an hour or two a week running one of our Twitter accounts and keeping the world informed about Fibroduck.

Grant aid duckies

Not many people know that much of the money donated to charities comes in the form of grants from government, other charities and organisations. We need duckies who would feel confident in finding and researching grants and filling in the applications for them.  If you have previous experience of applying for grants on behalf of a charity, or you know someone who does who could help us with this, we'd really love to hear from you.

Fun loving duckies!

Everyone can help us fundraise by doing all kinds of things that are fun and sociable. For instance, you might want to hold a sponsored event (even one from bed if you need to), hold a coffee morning, bake and sell cakes, organise a poetry competition - whatever you'd like to do! For a list of fundraising ideas, check out our huge list here

Emailing duckies

We need help monitoring emails, social media and answering enquiries which would free up a lot of our time

If you would like to help Fibroduck spread the word and raise money for fibro research, please email enquiries@fibroduckfoundation.com

Get involved - There’s lots of ways you can help Fibroduck

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