We are appealing for more trustees to help in the management of the Fibroduck Foundation.

We particularly need trustees with experience in grant applications, fundraising and publicity.




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Fundraising to pay for biomedical research towards test, cause and cure for fibromyalgia

DUCK30 £3 to 70070 OR DUCK05 £5 to 70070 OR DUCK10 £10 to 70070 OR DUCK20 to 70070

Please do take the time to read through these guidelines, they will help you to stay safe and legal whilst fundraising.

The Law:

All UK Charity fundraising is regulated by law. The Fibroduck Foundation and you as a fundraiser can be fined for non-compliance with legal regulations which also includes health and safety legislation.

Tell us about your plans:

If you are planning to raise money for the Fibroduck Foundation, we ask that you tell us in advance about how you plan to raise it. That way we can also help you with promoting your event via our online resources. For bigger events we may also be able to help out with advertising art work.

Street collections

If you wish to collect money in a public place, by law you must first obtain permission to do so. To be able to collect in the street, you will need a licence from the local council who will also give you a strict set of guidelines to follow for the duration of your collection.

Street collections are a very popular means of fundraising so you need to apply for a licence well in advance of your planned event. To collect on private property, for example in a shopping centre or  supermarket, you must ask for permission from whoever is responsible for the premises. Door-to-door collections are also illegal without a pre arranged licence.

Further regulations do apply so we suggest that you check your local authorities website for more information before undertaking any street collections.


By law a licence is needed if you have alcohol at your event. You can easily avoid this issue by either holding your event on licensed premises or by asking a local pub to organise a bar at your venue. Many pubs and bar give rooms rent free and just take a cut of bar takings to cover their costs so do ask before booking. Event organisers need to issue a Temporary Event Notice to the Local Borough Council.


Food safety laws apply when food is available at an event whether it is for sale or not. You need to be aware of these and follow food hygiene procedures. Further information can be obtained from your local authority environmental health department .

Fibroduck branding

By law, the the Fibroduck Foundation charity registration number (XT35891) must appear on all posters and advertisements that invite people to participate or help in your event. Fibroduck is also a registered trademark.

Please contact us for guidelines and permission to use the Fibroduck/ Fibroduck Foundation logos or trademark. enquiries@fibroduckfoundation.com

Our logo and all associated artwork/help guides and awareness materials must never be altered in any way, shape or form, unless prior written permission is sought first.

Our logo must not appear with any other organisations logo, unless prior written permission is sought first.


If you organise an event that involves the public in any way, you will need to ensure you have public liability insurance. Never leave these things to chance, check if your company policy covers you for such activities.

Lotteries and raffles

Lotteries are arrangements where people pay to participate for the chance of winning a prize. When an element of skill is introduced then it becomes a competition and has fewer restrictions. A raffle is just another word for lottery. There are two types of lottery that you can organise to fundraise in aid of the Fibroduck Foundation .

Incidental Non-commercial Lotteries. These are by far the easiest lotteries to administer. If a raffle is not the main focus, but part of a larger event, a licence is not required. There must be no cash prizes, and the ticket sales and announcement of the results must be carried out during the event. No more than £500 can be spent on buying prizes although there are no limits on the value of donated prizes.

Society Lotteries. If you hold a larger raffle where, for example, tickets are sold over a period of time prior to the draw taking place, the raffle must be registered with the local authority. A named promoter should be nominated to take responsibility for the raffle. If ticket sales exceed £20,000 you must register with the Gaming Board.

For more information on keeping your event safe and legal please email the Fibroduck Foundation enquiries@fibroduckfoundation.com


It is important to make sure that everyone at your event, including spectators remain safe while having fun at any event you organise.

Always ensure that children are safe and that you do not allow them to solicit money or collect money alone or without an adult.

You must always make sure you comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant subordinate legislation at all times.

The Fibroduck Foundation cannot accept responsibility for any accidents, so please make sure that your event is safe for all concerned and that you have taken out adequate insurance if necessary.

If you are going to be carrying money around take care with personal security. Use a safe, well lit route and always be accompanied. We would also advise you carry a personal alarm and keep your mobile phone out of sight but within easy reach.

Always make sure that no-one is fundraising, working or spectating in an unsafe environment.

Assess the risks involved and make sure that they are eliminated or minimised to an acceptable level, especially in the case of children.

Remember that the Health and Safety Act applies to volunteers as well as employees and/or contractors.

The Fibroduck Foundation does not encourage particularly hazardous activities including parachute or bungee jumping, abseiling, or assault courses  - if you are unsure please contact us.

Fundraising Guidelines

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Fundraising Guidelines

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