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Fundraising to pay for biomedical research towards test, cause and cure for fibromyalgia

DUCK30 £3 to 70070 OR DUCK05 £5 to 70070 OR DUCK10 £10 to 70070 OR DUCK20 to 70070

The following is a huge list of fundraising possibilities, the list is by no means complete but hopefully it's enough to get you started. There's something for everyone here and you could have a whole lot of fun.


Don’t wait for the next World Cup – why not bet on X-factor, who’ll win the next big brother or who'll be the next celebrity to quit the jungle??

Lunch Hour Danceathon:

Clear away the desks and fundraise why you have exercise!  Grab a stereo and hold a one hour danceathon or a dance competition, charge for entry and challenge colleagues to show off their best moves. You could give a prize for the silliest costume.

Lunchtime Christmas Carols:

Why not get a small group of you together and go from office to office (or door to door) carol singing this Christmas? A great way to spread festive cheer whilst singing for donations.

Sponsored litter picking:

Get sponsored for cleaning up your local environment, it could be for a day, a week or even a month.

One for the lads:

Get everyone to sponsor you to shave your head/beard/legs/chest/back during lunch break.

Sillyness Fridays - or any other day you pick!

Hold an office ballot to pick your theme and get your colleagues to make a donation to dress in a costume for a quacking good cause.

Lunch time Quiz

Hold an hour long quiz, charge each team to enter and ask colleagues to donate prizes

Swear Box

Have a swear box in the office and set a donation amount, you will make loads of money in no time! Cover an old biscuit tin or chocolate box, cut a hole in the top and make everyone that swears in your office pay a fine.

Sponsored giving up:

Get friends and family to sponsor you to give something up for a set period, be it a week or a month. You could use the opportunity to quit smoking or to cut down on sweeties if you have a sweet tooth.

Tea and Coffee

An excellent opportunity to ask for donations for making a round of drinks

Small change bucket

Once a week ask everyone to empty their pockets/purses of small change and donate it to us.

Starbucks and Costa

Miss just one cup of coffee a day and donate the money you save, you'll be surprised how quick it'll mount up.

Tuck shop:

Sell sweets, crisps, cake, drinks, etc, at events in the area.

Guess the baby photo competition:

Get everyone to bring in a photo of themselves and have fun guessing who's who.

Team Challenge:

Everyone writes one suggested challenge and enters it into a box, the dafter the better. Take it in turns to blindly pick your challenge and everyone else bets you a £1 to do it.

Put on your own talent show:

Hold your own X-Factor or Britain's got talent, charge each act for entry.

Unwanted sellable items:

Auction those unwanted items from around the house and clear that space you've been meaning to for so long.

Clothes sale:

Can't face ebaying your items? why not gather all your friends and hold a clothing sale party? Everyone could bring a bag of unwanted items along and see how many sells.

Wii nights:

Gather your friends and host the Olympics round at your house. Or you could hold a Wii knockout competition. Players pay a fee to enter each event and the winner gets a percentage of the money.

Pancake day:

Sell sweet or savoury homemade pancakes to your friends and neighbours.

Fireworks night,

Instead of penny for the guy why not add your own twist and ask for £1 donations instead?

Coffee mornings/cake sales and tea parties

Bake some cake and invite your friends and family to enjoy a naughty treat, a  great excuse to catch up with friends and make new ones.

Sponsored scarper:

Get sponsored to see how far you can travel in an allocated time slot, it could be for an hour, a day or a week. Your challenge is to travel as far as possible using any means of travel you can.

Sponsored dinner parties:

Turn your home into a restaurant for the evening and charge friends to come to dine. You could ask for a donation of either £5 or £10 per head.

Movie nights:

rent a couple of movies, stock up on popcorn and cola, ask for a donation from everyone who comes. It's a great one for those long cold winter nights.

Car washing:

clean cars in your local area and charge a fee for each one you clean.

Sponsored school run:

Get sponsored to leave the car at home and walk the school run instead.

Sponsored bike rides:

Ride your bike to work and donate the money you save on fares, or get sponsored for a longer bike run depending on your ability.

Walk the monopoly challenge:

Get sponsored to walk the monopoly board or a themed walk around local sightseeing spots.

Murder mystery dinner:

Put on your own murder mystery night and ask a donation from people wanting to come.

Craft fairs:

Many local halls will give free hire for charity events, why not get together with all your craft friends and host a craft fare?

Bingo nights:

A firm favorite for young and old alike and guaranteed to get a good turnout. Charge for each game and give a percentage of sales as prizes and donate the rest.

Crossword contest:

Compile a huge crossword, participants pay per clue. Each number hides a ticket for prize draw.

Sponsored Fasting:

Get sponsored to fast for an hour, a morning or a day. Always consult your doctor first.


Hold a Halloween party and Charge entrance fees, and raise money trick or treating.


Offer out your ironing skills, either charge by the hour or per item, it soon mounts up.

The other hand day:

If you're left handed try doing everything with your right hand for a day, and vice versa for right handed people.

Junk Mail/Scrap paper

If you/your company get through lots of paper, ask them to sell it to a recycling company.

Games and quiz nights:

Organise a games  or quiz night at your local pub and charge per entry.


Ask local companies to donate prizes to a raffle and sell tickets.

Treasure hunt:

Organise a treasure hunt and ask local people/companies to donate prizes.

Sell an hour:

Sell an hour of your time via a voucher scheme, you could do cleaning, gardening, paperwork, hair cutting, whatever your skills, it's a good way to raise funds.

Bath time:

Get sponsored to stay sitting in a bath filled with something like baked beans or cold tea for a set time period.

Sponsored slimming,

Ask friends to sponsor you £1 for every 1lb in weight you lose, always do this with the guidance of a qualified slimming club and consult your doctor first.


Next summer why not host Wimbledon in your own front room? Stock up on strawberries and cream, grab a bottle of Pimms and you're all set to go, sell the refreshments.


Get sponsored to stay fit,  per length, width, mile or hour,


Get a group together and go bowling. Don't forget that many places will give you reduced rates to hold a charity event so it's worth asking wherever you go.

Unwanted Christmas gifts:

Rather than let them gather dust why not hold a post Christmas sale of your unwanted gifts that Santa left for you?

Christmas hampers:

Ask friends and family for unused bottles of toiletries, make them up into gift baskets to sell. You could also include non perishable food and toys.

Do keep us updated on your planned events, we'll put them up on our website, and post to Facebook and Twitter for you.

A huge list of fundraising ideas to get you going

Stuck for a fundraising idea? Check out our detailed list of ways to raise money

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