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Fundraising to pay for biomedical research towards test, cause and cure for fibromyalgia

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It's fair to say that if you ask anyone living with Fibromyalgia what their memory is like there's a high chance most will answer, shockingly poor.

Poor memory is a part of the many cognitive problems we have, often we refer to it as fibro fog. Sometimes it will make you laugh, like when you put the milk in the oven instead of the fridge. At other times it can lead to more confusion and worry. Did we take the last lot of tablets or not? Was that appointment today or next week? So it's important we find ways to cope, workarounds if you like.

There are a couple of reasons why our memory is so badly affected, one because of Fibromyalgia itself and secondly because of the medication we take. Fibromyalgia and cognitive problems go hand in hand, combine that with prescription medication and it's side effects, you can see why our memory suffers so badly.

So what can you do about it?

Take a good supplement every day, have your B12 levels checked, there could be something easily fixable causing it.

Keep lists of everything you need to remember.  Leave your lists somewhere where you will naturally look at them throughout the day.

Keep to a routine, particularly with medications, use a pill box to help you keep track of dosages

Put things you need to take with you on a sideboard or table next to the front door, or into a carrier bag that you leave hanging on the door handle.

Your phone can help too. Set reminders on your phone so that you don't miss appointments or medication.  

On most phone when setting up the alarm you can give it a label or write something to remind you why you set the alarm.  

Leave sticky notes with reminders on somewhere you can't fail to see them several times a day.

Download an app for your kindle or laptop that will allow you to place sticky notes on your home screen.

Keep a pen and note pad next to the telephone.

Keep a diary or get a big calendar that gives you plenty of space to write notes on each day

Set an alarm if you wander out of the kitchen whilst something's cooking on the stove, also do the same when you run a bath and go into another room. I can’t tell you how many times I used to flood the bathroom!

If you are going to an important medical appointment, write down a list in advance of all the things you want to cover.

No good at putting names to faces? Greet them with a simple hi, how are you? That way you won’t panic because you can’t recall someone’s name.

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