We are appealing for more trustees to help in the management of the Fibroduck Foundation.

We particularly need trustees with experience in grant applications, fundraising and publicity.




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Unit 191 Blackpool Selfstore,

Tellcom Business Centre,

20 Clifton Road, Blackpool


Email: fibroduckfoundation@gmail.com

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There are numerous ways you can get involved and help Fibroduck. Please visit this page to read all about the help we need here.

Page: Get Involved With Fibroduck

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Fundraising to pay for biomedical research towards test, cause and cure for fibromyalgia

DUCK30 £3 to 70070 OR DUCK05 £5 to 70070 OR DUCK10 £10 to 70070 OR DUCK20 to 70070

Accounts and annual report for June 2012 to June 2013

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2015 accounts and annual report

These account are in the process of being put together and will be uploaded as soon as they (and the annual report) are ready.

Not Yet Due

2014 accounts and annual report

Accounts and annual report for June 2013 to June 2014

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2013 accounts and report locked.pdf 2014 accounts and report locked.pdf

2013 accounts and annual report

2012 accounts and annual report

Accounts and annual report for  June 2011 to June 2012

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2012 accounts and report locked.pdf

Accounts and annual reports for the Fibroduck Foundation (HMRC registered charity number XT35891)

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