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Exercise and Fibromyalgia

It is to be noted that generally exercise that leads to exertion is not good for Fibromyalgia patients. It can lead into a full flare up lasting weeks or months. Always speak to your GP or specialist before undertaking any kind of exercise.

Gentle exercise like stretching, yoga and tai chi can all help keep us moving which is important when stiffness and limited mobility is a problem for us. There’s some weight to the saying use it or lose it, the trick is not to go overboard and set your health back. Which is easier to do than you might think, quite often we don’t realise we have overdone it until it’s past the point of no return and we’re flattened.

There’s quite a bit of debate about whether we should use mobility aids or whether using them leads to de-conditioning as our muscles get weaker and waste away. If using a scooter/walking stick/crutches helps you to get out and about mixing with other people, use them. Then when you get home you can do a gentle stretching routine to keep yourself moving. If you own a Nintendo Wii then there’s several fun fitness type games you can do to help keep moving, but remember not to wear yourself right out, stop before you reach that point, and allow yourself adequate recovery time.

Exercise should never completely exhaust you, if it does, you have done way too much. Start by doing a just a few minutes a day for a few weeks until you feel able to raise it bit by bit.

If you are finding the exercises are leaving you too exhausted then cut down to maybe every other day or every few days and slowly work up. Remember the key is pacing, pacing and more pacing! If you feel unwell then consider leaving exercising for another day when you feel better and more able to cope with its effects.

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