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How to get the most out of your GP when you have Fibromyalgia.

Finding a good GP who is willing to work with you to manage your health is vital if you are living with Fibromyalgia.  Living with a chronic illness means we have to take that much extra care of ourselves and our health needs.

Your health (and looking after it) is the most important job you have from here on in. If your doctor is not willing to work with you then don't be afraid to change doctors.

Ways you can help yourself:

Keep a symptom diary and log any new or unusual symptoms, record anything unusual and if it persists pay a visit to your doctor to get it checked out. It's very easy to dismiss any new symptom as just another Fibromyalgia thing when in reality it is often caused by something else and delaying treatment could mean a delayed recovery period.

A symptom diary is a great way for us to monitor changes in how we are feeling. This is particularly useful when starting any new medications. With our short term memory problems it's often hard to remember how things are affecting us.

Don't be afraid to take a list in to your GP, they will deal with as many items on your list as they have time for. You may want to prioritise things on the list ahead of time, then if the doctors time is limited at least you begun with the most serious problem first. A list makes sure we don’t forget anything vital.

If you are having trouble with your current GP, please look for another. After all you're trusting them with the most precious thing you have, your health. Ask around at other doctors surgeries, GP receptionists, chemists or local support groups. There are good doctors out there, they just take a little finding sometimes.

Don't be afraid to help educate your GP, often they want to try and help but are not sure how best to help us. We regularly drop copies of the latest Fibromyalgia research articles into our surgery for the doctors to read through.

If you have a complicated problem you wish to talk through with your GP, ask the receptionist to book you a longer appointment.

Be assertive if you need to, Ask the doctor to repeat and explain anything you do not understand.

If there are words you do not understand, write them down and Google them when you get home.

Don't get frustrated at your GP, that's easier said than done sometime we know, but it's really not going to help your relationship with your doctor. Sometimes they are as frustrated at the lack of Fibromyalgia treatments as we are and the only way that will change is through proper bio medical research.

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