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Fundraising to pay for biomedical research towards test, cause and cure for fibromyalgia

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Carla Holbrough will be spending 5 days and nights lakeside on a bank fishing for Fibromyalgia research.


 Only me, So my aim is to raise money for Fibromyalgia awareness and research. I aim to do this by spending 5 days and nights lakeside, on the bank. This may seem a simple quest that anglers do regularly, and yes! in the past I have done as many as 4 days mid winter and just been rather icy. This unfortunately is not the case anymore.

 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last October. This was not a case of going to the doctors after being ill for a few days. I had been suffering with a multitude of illnesses and symptoms for more than 3yrs. The list of symptoms are endless, the illness is unpredictable and comes in flares, there is no known specific cause yet, there is no known cure, there is little known about it by doctors. Research is the only way to help, and funding is the issue, Fibroduck are a charity organisation raising essential money for medical research and awareness. Due to the invisible nature of the illness, A diagnoses is a lengthy process of elimination.

 This is one of the groups I visit on Facebook, It's astonishing the vast amount of people that suffer this illness, some have more symptoms some less. For some the change in their life, the questions which are unanswered, the daily suffering gets too much. Depression and wanting a way out is common. I have felt this on many occasions myself, especially with no diagnoses and symptoms severe enough to see you in a&e regularly.

Seeing so many people suffering, without any answers is what makes me want to put a little something in. Due to Fibro's invisible nature, it's very often ignored and misunderstood. Believe me it's real, the tears shed by many are real.

A day at the lake quite often takes me out for a day or so, sometimes more depending on what symptoms or pain Mrs Fibro throws at me after, but I'm gonna give it a go. I have a bedchair now, so you may find me there lol.

What would be great! If people would like to join in , is seeing people from all over joining in if you wish and doing the 5 day on the bank challenge.

You can sponsor Carla here